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Spaying and neutering are common surgeries that ensure dogs, cats and other pets can’t reproduce.

Spaying is the surgery for females.

Neutering is the surgery for males.

Making the decision to spay or neuter your pet is one of the most important and beneficial choices you can make for your animal. And considering all of the benefits, it is also one of the easiest.

 Health Benefits

  • Increases life expectancy. Spaying or neutering your dog will increase life expectancy by one to three years. It will increase your cat’s life expectancy by three to five years.
  • Reduces or eliminates the risk of tumors,  e.g. mammary gland tumors, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer in females, especially if spayed shortly before the first heat cycle, usually around 6 months old for dogs and cats.
  • Eliminates risk of testicular cancer and reduces risk for prostate disease in males.
  • Reduces overall health issues, which is good for your pet and lowers lifetime medical costs.

Spay and Neuter CatsBehavioral Benefits

  • Makes for a better family pet. Pets who are spayed or neutered are easier to train and more focused on their family.
  • Decreases aggressive behavior and creates a safer community. Dog bites are the second most common reason for children’s emergency room visits. Unneutered male dogs are 18 times more likely to bite; unspayed females are 10 times more likely to bite.
  • Reduces or eliminates spraying and marking by males.
  • Eliminates messy heat cycles for females.
  • Reduces the urge to roam, improving safety by reducing injury from fights or auto accidents. Male dogs can smell females in heat up to five miles away. Statistics show that as many as 85% of dogs hit by cars have not been spayed or neutered.

Why Choose Us for Spaying and Neutering

We want to make sure your pet is completely safe and comfortable.

  • Prior to surgery, we can do any needed blood tests using our in-clinic lab.
  • During surgery, your pet is kept warm with the safest warming device.
  • Laser surgery means less bleeding, less bruising and most importantly less pain and a quicker recovery than traditional surgery.
  • While the veterinarian is operating, our veterinary technician continually assesses your pet’s vital signs. We use the most up to date monitoring technology includingSurgery monitor
    •  ECG,
    • oxygen,
    • blood pressure monitoring

For more information, please contact us, or call us at  (403) 253-7044.