Our Mission

You are always involved in the decision making process for your pet. We strive to clearly present treatment options, along with the cost and benefit of each option, so you that you can make an educated decision for your companion. We always want you to feel that you are part of the plan, and being consulted every step of the way. We pride ourselves on giving each case personal attention and following up thoroughly until a given issue is resolved

Our Services

We are a full service veterinary practice offering all the conventional amenities. We are a little different in that we also offer alternative medicine. We like to use an integrative approach to your pet’s health. We recommend Chinese herbs, chiropractic, or acupunture integrated with western medicine.

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Our Patients

We examine all types of animals! We have quite a variety of patients ranging from mice to large snakes. Don’t worry though, you’re not likely to meet one at reception.

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